About us


     Apples and strawberries are among the fruits that each of us have certainly tasted. Everybody loves tasty apples and strawberries . Apples and strawberries from our orchard are good and healthy. We, brothers Mark and Matthew Saly have also started growing apples and strawberries. In 2008, we set up the Amazonit Ltd. company, whose main activity is production and sale of high quality, delicious and healthy apples and strawberries. We grow and sell apples of well-known sorts Golden Delicious Reinders and Pinova. The strawberries sort Elsanta is also planted. Apples and strawberries are the most abundant fruit. Therefore, we decided to plant , grow and sell apples and strawberries. Our Apple orchard with an area of ​​4.3 hectares is located on the gentle western slope of the mountains Stiavnicke Vrchy in the village Tekovská Breznica and strawberry plantation is right next to the apple orchard. We are a member of the Slovak Fruit Union and also a member of the Integrated fruit production. In our intensive Apple orchard we grow trees in the shape of a slim spindle on the rootstock M9, with grass between lines, a supporting frame and drip irrigation. Strawberries grow an area of ​​2.0 ha with drip irrigation and before harvesting we annualy slam them.

     A significant portion of our production of apples and strawberries we annually sell direct right here in our village . Our customers are very satisfied of high quality apples and strawberries and therefore they return to us every year to purchase apples and strawberries grown exclusively in our orchards and we thank them for it. Our goal is to harvest and offer you quality and healthy fruits.